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Herb Ohta Jr. & Daniel Ho `Ukulele duets of classic Hawaiian melodies
Item#: DHC80028

Product Description
Song List

1. Kauanoeanuhea (4:30) - Keali‘i Reichel 2. I'll Remember You (4:31) - Kui Lee 3. Kanaka Waiwai (5:10) - John Almeida 4. Pua ‘Olena (4:45) - James Kalei Kaholokula, Sr. 5. Maunaloa (3:35) - Helen Lindsey Parker 6. Pua Lililehua (4:48) - Mary Kawena Pukui & Kahauanu Lake 7. E Ku‘u Morning Dew (4:42) - Eddie Kamae & Larry Kimura 8. Blue Hawai‘i (4:02) - Leo Robin & Ralph Rainger 9. Pua Hone (3:33) - Dennis Kamakahi 10. Hi‘ilawe (3:42) - Sam Lia 11. Aloha ‘Oe (5:26) - Queen Lili‘uokalani

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Album Notes

Two ‘ukuleles... pure and simple. Herb Ohta, Jr. offers his stylishly innovative ‘ukulele arrangements (on the left speaker), while Daniel Ho (on the right speaker) displays the versatility and range of his signature slack key ‘ukulele, the D-VI.


First of all, thank you to my Heavenly Father! I have been blessed with a loving family, great friends, and an exciting musical journey. Secondly, I would like to thank Daniel Ho for his love of the ‘ukulele and allowing me to record with him! It was a pleasure working with and getting to know such a talented and gifted musician. Thank you to Lydia and her family for being so kind to me and making me feel like a part of their family. Last but not least, thank you to my fans and ‘ukulele fans around the world; for without all of you, this recording would not have been possible. No matter where this album finds you, I know that when you listen to it, it will bring you to Hawai‘i, our home.

Aloha, Herb Ohta, Jr.


Collaborations are an excellent way to learn, find inspiration, be creative in ways otherwise not possible, and make new friends who share common interests. This project is no exception. It has afforded me the opportunity to fully appreciate the supreme talents of Herb Ohta, Jr. - not from afar, but in the recording studio, under a microscope!

Another collaboration, from years of discussions, brainstorms, and shameless begging (on my part), was with Paul Okami, head designer of KoAloha ‘Ukulele. We recently unveiled the D-VI, our signature line of slack key tenor ‘ukuleles. Harmonically liberating and melodically inspiring, the D-VI has significantly deepened my affinity for the ‘ukulele.

I’d like to express my gratitude to Herb, for his friendship and music; to KoAloha for building the instruments we play on this CD; and to Lydia, for her artistic eyes and ears, literary aesthetic, time-insensitive pursuit of perfection, and for always pushing me far beyond my abilities.

Mahalo, Daniel



Herb Ohta, Jr. - KoAloha custom tenor ‘ukulele

Daniel Ho - KoAloha D-VI tenor ‘ukulele, recording, mixing, mastering, photography, graphic design

Lydia Miyashiro - photography, graphic design

Peter Mathew - photo of Daniel Ho (courtesy of Ten Days on the Island)

Herb Ohta, Jr. & Daniel Ho play KoAloha ‘ukuleles.



Record Label: Daniel Ho Creations

Recorded: May 2005