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Item#: DHC80080

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Song List --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Pineapple Mango (2:46) Daniel Ho/Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP) 2. Haiku (2:53) Daniel Ho/Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP) 3. Kerfunten (2:04) Hammy Hamilton 4. First Date (2:48) Daniel Ho/Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP) 5. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (1:49) Johann Sebastian Bach 6. Blue Rondo Ala Turk (3:15) Dave Brubeck/Derry Music Company (BMI) 7. School's Out (2:50) Daniel Ho/Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP) 8. Invention XIII (1:12) Johann Sebastian Bach 9. Between Friends (5:31) Jake Shimabukuro & Daniel Ho Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP) 10. Take It Out (2:38) Daniel Ho/Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP) 11. Invention VIII (1:11) Johann Sebastian Bach 12. After the Rain (2:16) Daniel Ho/Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP)

Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This recording presents an eclectic collection of jazz, classical, original, Celtic, and Latin music brought together by one versatile, little instrument, the 'ukulele.

Pineapple Mango, Haiku and Take It Out were first released in 1997 on Along for the Ride, a CD by Canoe Club. I wrote Pineapple Mango while enrolled in the Composing and Arranging Program at the Grove School of Music. We were taught to write in many commercial styles, and this was my assignment for "TV Main Title" week. It was recorded as an 'ukulele duet with Herb Ohta, Jr. in 2006. In 2007, Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman wrote lyrics to this melody and it took on a new life as The Breakfast Song. Nowadays, I enjoy watching the various cover performances of this piece on YouTube.

Haiku was my first solo 'ukulele composition. It underscores the simplicity and beauty of the Japanese poetic form.

Not since college have I had the luxury of spending three months writing two and a half minutes of music. Take It Out was the product of an entire semester at the University of Hawaii; a rondo in 5/4 time in which every section modulates to a different key. In jazz terminology, "taking it out" refers to playing notes outside of a basic scale or key.

First Date was also such an assignment, but based on a diminished scale using jazz figures and rhythms. The chords appear to resolve because the diminished scale contains many tritone intervals which suggest the presence of dominant chords. The piano and bass parts playfully interact in a getting-to-know-each-other kind of way.

Music majors are required to analyze 18th century Bach chorales to learn voice leading and counterpoint. Of the classical compositional techniques I've studied, I admire and employ Bach's the most. The three pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach are played on two 'ukuleles--the lower parts on the left speaker and the higher parts on the right speaker--in an effort to clearly distinguish them from one another. The ability to hear the intricacies of Bach's melodies promotes a deeper appreciation of his contrapuntal writing.

Kerfunten is a jig that doesn't just grow on you, it catches your attention at first listen. I composed a counterpoint to this Irish melody using Bach's techniques.

Blue Rondo a la Turk was one of the most difficult pieces to arrange for two 'ukuleles, but it was well worth the challenge! On a side note, the low G string of the 'ukulele on the left speaker is tuned down to F to increase its range.

Elements of Latin music capture the relief and excitement a child might feel when the buzzer rings... School's Out!

Between Friends was written in 2001 with an old friend and 'ukulele contemporary, Jake Shimabukuro. This piece was inspired by the initial theme written by Jake, and we collaborated on its development.

This album comes to a peaceful close with After the Rain, a classical-style composition for solo 'ukulele.