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A refreshing collection of new Hawaiian songs
51st ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS WINNER!    -     `IKENA - Tia Carrere & Daniel Ho
51st ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS WINNER! - `IKENA - Tia Carrere & Daniel Ho
Item#: DHC80064

Product Description
WINNER! 51st Annual Grammy Awards for Best Hawaiian Music Album

Hawai`i Music Awards Winner for Best Contemporary Hawaiian Album

This striking collection of all new Hawaiian-language songs offers contemporary reflections on growing up in Hawai'i, and the pieces of Hawai'i that remain with us through life. From the exquisite voice of GRAMMY-nominated singer Tia Carrere, the diverse range of musical inspirations of GRAMMY Award-winning producer Daniel Ho, and introducing new poet/lyricist Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman.


Song List.....

1. The Spam Song 2. Welo 3. Ku‘u Ipo My Darling 4. Hula in Seven 5. Pule no Malia 6. Keanuhea 7. The Breakfast Song (Pineapple Mango) 8. O Ia Uka 9. Na ‘Ikena Like ‘Ole 10. Papahanaumoku (Earth Mother) 11. Pomaika‘i (The Blessing)

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Liner Notes.....

Origin stories often contain unexpected twists. Our project has its genesis in a kani ka pila session at Keoki Kahumoku’s Hawaiian music camp in Pahala, where Daniel had a sudden desire to create new songs that might make their way into the hands of musicians and hula dancers. In a matter of seconds he was on the phone calling me in Michigan (where the November temperature was approximately half of what it was on the Big Island), and pitching this idea to collaborate on an album of brand new Hawaiian songs—in the Hawaiian language. After over a year of emailing ideas, tunes, and lyrics, along with Hawaiian-language coaching via phone and mp3 files back and forth across the continent, you, dear listeners, are holding the results in your hands.

This collection of original Hawaiian-language songs represents the serendipity of unexpected journeys. We each planted seeds of ideas, and made our way down the paths that converge in this album. Each of us has demonstrated commitment to our Hawai‘i roots in our own ways. My scholarship on Hawaiian music and dance has taken me into archives the world over. Daniel’s commitment to promoting opportunities for Hawaiian musicians has been recognized with three Grammy Awards in Hawaiian music to date. Tia’s 2007 Grammy-nominated album, Hawaiiana, emphasized her childhood connection to Hawai‘i and the friendships that have endured over the years. Daniel and Tia’s collaboration dates back to music-making at St. Louis High School, Sacred Hearts Academy, and Brown Bags to Stardom; Daniel and I came to a mutual fascination with exploring the malleability of cultural boundaries while working on its inverseEdocumenting contemporary settings of archival poetic repertoire by members of the organization Kulia i ka Punwai (Kumu Hula Association of Southern California), brought to fruition with two critically-acclaimed CDs to date, Kalakaua and Kapi‘olani.

For all three of us, our challenge was not only how we might do right by Hawaiian music, but indeed how we might contribute to its continued growth. It was liberating to discover that I had much to express, and Hawaiian poetry became a creative alternative to the occasionally maddening exactitude of scholarly writing. Daniel, already an accomplished songwriter and recording artist, wanted to experience composing music for Hawaiian- language lyrics. To this partnership, Tia brought her incredible—and incredibly sensitiveEvocal talents.

Some of our songs began with the tune. When Daniel asked if I could write some lyrics to the already popular instrumental “Pineapple Mango,EI wanted to craft a connection to the fruits in the song’s title. What evolved was a litany of breakfast foods prepared while still not fully awake—resulting in burnt toast. The fun of one food song made me determined to celebrate another of Hawaii’s favorite foods—Spam, and thus was born “The Spam Song,Eregaling youthful haunts that, it turned out, we had all sharedEpicnicking on spam and eggs in Kapi‘olani Park, eating spam musubi in Kaimuki, and watching submarine races at Diamond Head lighthouse.

All kidding aside, Hawaiian poetry offers many elegant ways to express feelings of affection for Hawai‘i that have remained important to us even as we make our way through life thousands of miles away from our birthland. From the zen-like journeys spoken of in “Welo,Eto the realization that life’s simplest pleasures are among the most meaningful in “Na ‘Ikena Like ‘Ole,Ewe offer this collection in the hope that the economy of language and music craftsmanship here brings the pleasure of resonance to you, dear listeners and audiences.

Amy Ku‘uleialoha Stillman 36,000 feet above sea level, aboard NWA 337 one sunny day.



Tia Carrere - vocals

Daniel Ho - vocals, guitars, ‘ukulele, piano, ipu heke, acoustic bass guitar on The Spam Song, recording, mixing, mastering, graphic design

Steve Billman - bass

Brian Kilgore - percussion on The Breakfast Song (Pineapple Mango)

Amy Ku‘uleialoha Stillman - liner notes

Lydia Miyashiro - photos of Tia and Daniel, graphic design

Doug Katsumoto - photography, graphic design

Produced by Daniel Ho and Amy Ku‘uleialoha Stillman.

Daniel plays YAMAHA guitars and KoAloha ‘ukuleles.

Record Label: Daniel Ho Creations

Release Date: September 2, 2008